Mental Health

Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services

Outpatient Counseling Services

Outpatient counseling services are provided to promote insight and address specific issues that prevent individuals and/or their families from achieving personal goals. Services are provided at our offices from licensed social workers and counselors. Through assessment and individualized treatment plans, clients discover how to enhance their lives.

Counseling services are provided to:
  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Couples / Marriage
  • Families
  • Children
Program Outcomes:

97% of outpatient clients receiving mental health counseling rated their progress and ability to sustain their progress as “Good” or “Very Good.”

Only 6% of clients who received outpatient counseling/therapy relapsed after discharge within a three year period.

Community Psychiatric Support Treatment (CPST)

Community Psychiatric Support Treatment (CPST) programming is a case management service provided to clients with severe and persistent mental illness. CPST programming uses the community treatment team approach to assist clients who need low to intensive level of care. With individual and/or group support, these programs help clients achieve their individual mental health and wellness goals.

CPST services provide:
  • Engagement by establishing a trusting relationship
  • Assessment of the client’s needs and barriers to meeting their goals
  • Assistance in planning and coordinating services
  • Training for managing and preventing crises
  • Education about the client’s diagnosed mental health and/or addiction disorder(s)
  • Linkage to services in the community (For example, medication, health care and housing)
  • Skill building and mentoring
  • Monitoring the client’s response to treatment

With the exception of the most intensive level of need program, access is granted through the agency’s intake program or through transfer from another CPST program.

Specialty areas within CPST include:
  • Supportive individual and group counseling
  • Medication Clinic: assessment, Rx therapy, symptoms monitoring and education
  • Older adult integrated health services
  • The Pathway Clubhouse for supportive employment and psychosocial rehabilitation
Program Outcomes:

The Specialty Community Treatment Team (SCTT), which serves 230 moderately high need clients, saves $1.1 million annually on hospital visits compared to clients’ hospital bed day usage before joining the program.

The Dual Assertive Recovery Team (DART), which serves 100 very high need clients, reduced hospital bed day usage by 54% over the last three years, with an average annual savings of $650,000 compared to clients’ hospital bed day usage before joining the program.

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